Pick Your Poison: MOW Events

Matter of Wine [MOW] is a destination for the thirsty: some for wine, some for wine knowledge.

Each of our events is designed to deliver you both, in varying degrees. What type of event are you looking to explore?


Thirsty for Wine

We Get It

Without drinking, how much can you actually learn?

From Sip & Sails, to Paint & Sips, Matter of Wine is making drinking wine more fun than it already is (and here you thought it couldn't get any better).

**A special note: "Thirsty for Wine" events are open to invited guests only, as California regulations prohibit certain venues from being open to the public when alcohol is served.

We collaborate with LA's most unique - and unheard of - venues, food halls, artists and musicians, to deliver unforgettable events.

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Thirsty for Knowledge

 We've Got It

Where do people get, "Pear, citrus, and candied orange peel" from?

Our knowledge-centered events bridge the gap between what you taste and what you know. Undergo a blind, regional (Greece, Portugal, France, Spain, and Italy), vertical, or horizontal tasting to learn to smell, taste and evaluate wines.

Enjoy other spirits? Try our Wine & Sake or Wine & Whiskey tastings. Our instructor, Murphy, is WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Certified.

**Our "Thirsty for Knowledge" events are available to everyone!

Interested in attending a MOW event?

MOW events are hosted by our certified Educators, as well as our host, Murphy [WSET 3 Certified]. Email her to request an invite. You will be notified via email if you have been successfully placed on the guest list.

Interested in bringing MOW to your private event?

Make your next celebration an enchanting experience to remember. Whether you're planning for a corporate teambuilder, holiday party, or bachelor or bachelorette outing, a tasting with MOW's resident wine expert will leave a lasting impression.