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Bring something new to the table, literally.

Book Murphy to host a tasting workshop at your private event, may it be a company team-builder, holiday party, birthday, or anniversary celebration.

During a workshop, you and your guests will learn how to analyze a wine (see, smell, taste), and determine its quality. MOW offers Wine Foundations workshops, as well as more focused workshops on specific wine regions, sparking and fortified wines.


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Pricing depends on program details, number of attendees, wines and distance traveled.

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We're into wine events for a reason -- wine is our thing and wine people are our people.

We want to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out to us if you're interested in assistance with wine buying, opportunities to co-brand, or introducing MOW to your wines or bites. Or, if you just want to talk about how wine is the greatest thing, ever!

Hire Murphy as a Buyer

Opening up a restaurant, cheese, charcuterie or chocolate store? Murphy can design a wine menu that appeals to patrons, pairs perfectly with your cuisine, and is economical. Expanding your personal collection? MOW accommodates English, Chinese, and Spanish speakers.

Partner with MOW on an Event

Own a charming restaurant, or distinctive private venue you'd like discovered? Are you a specialty foods caterer, pastry chef, or grill master? Or, is your set of skills more creative (MOW is always on the lookout for: musicians, dancers, artists, masseuses, magicians...)?

Send in a Sample or Extend an Invite

Are you producing or distributing a wine everyone should know about? Mail your wine samples to MOW, or invite Murphy to swing by for a tasting. Email if you are interested in being a featured sponsor at an event.

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