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MOW Host, Murphy, is a wikiHow Pro Expert Video Partner. Discover how to get into wine by enjoying wikiHow X MOW explainer videos. The videos come in both animated and live action formats.

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  • Expert Wine Tasting Techniques
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    Expert Co-Author for wikiHow

    MOW Host, Murphy, is an expert co-author for wikiHow's Food & Entertaining pages. A few of her co-authored guides include:

    VoyageLA: LA's Most Inspiring Stories

    How MOW came to be: the age-old story of transitioning from working in corporate to establishing a private sommelier services company.

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    University of Illinois: Alumni Spotlight

    The practical applications of a political science degree in the world of viticulture -- yes, there is one.

    SHOUTOUT LA: Taking Chances

    Risk-taking in the early days of MOW, where we are now and where we're going. Plus, a shoutout to our favorite spots for wine in Los Angeles!

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